WODE Beach Work

Work Or Don't Eat Beach Sports Performance Training In Costal Elements.


Sports Performance Training

Work Or Don't Eat Costal Element training is designed to develop, build and increase athletes PERFORMANCE!

Our Focus it to Build, Develop and Increase athletes performance in the following areas:

Core Training | Plyometrics | Speed, Agility and Quickness Training | Sports Specific Training | Integrated Resistance Training |



Motivational Speaking

Coach Seagears incorporates Motivational messages before each WODE Beach Workout to prepare players and  teams for the intense training session. Throughout the training, Coach Seagears will share parts of the motivational quote to help players and teams complete the Wode Beach Training Drills.

                                                                  Team Building

WODE Beach training includes Team Building exercises. Team building concepts are designed to focus on brining the players on the team closer together as one family through series of concepts and exercises where the "Players" can only depend on each other. Wode Team Building exercises will help improve team Leadership, Communication, Execution, Discipline and Accountability.



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