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Jerome Seagears


Jerome Seagears, former UNLV Point-Guard and current professional basketball player will be hosting the Jerome Seagears “Point-Guard” Clinic at Durango high School powered by Work Or Don’t Eat. The clinic will be open to all 8th and 9th grade Point -Guards in the Las Vegas, NV area. The Point - Guard clinic is designed to teach the small things that will create the bigger picture at the next level.

The Point - Guard Clinic will enhance the game of the individuals in the following areas:

1) Developing a Point-Guard I.Q that will help Point-Guards be more effective on the court.

2) Learn how to become a Leader at the Point-Guard position, so that you can lead your team.

3) How to be a play maker on the court from the Point-Guard position to help create fro yourself and your teammates.