WODE Basketball Skills Academy


 To provide a positive platform that emphasizes on instructional skill development, life coaching and leadership.


 Skill Development And Performance Training

Head Trainer and former division-1 college player, Jermaine Seagears will provide youth athletes with intense training to develop their skills set, performance and overall game. Training will consist of game speed drills that will improve  ball-handing, shooting, passing, rebounding, defense, foot speed, agility, speed, explosiveness, core basketball I.Q and much more. Training will be demanding and intense, we want athletes to always be comfortable being uncomfortable. 


Life Coaching

The WODE skills academy will provide life coaching development  throughout training with coach Seagears. Our focus is to teach youth athletes how to be successful on and off the basketball court. Our point of emphasis is to teach valuable life skills, principles and concepts that will help youth athletes overcome hardships and the failures of life. More importantly, how to accept and appreciate success without becoming complacent on your personal and professional journey of life.



Players will learn a variety of leadership concepts that will help them become more effective leaders on and off the basketball court. During each session, youth athlete will have an opportunity to lead a segment of training, which will empower student-athletes to execute their leadership task. Each leadership task will incorporate a problem they must solve with  communication, team work, and critical thinking.  Through our leadership program, we want to develop and create more leaders to lead.